Truth Salons


The Intimacy with Truth salon is a space for you to practice speaking & listening from your deepest truth in the moment. I have found that there can be different levels of truth in the moment; sometimes we can speak honestly, but we don’t actually get to the deepest truth that is yearning to be spoken. This truth is not a conceptual idea. Instead, it is what wants to be expressed when we stop and allow ourselves to drop into a very vulnerable, unprotected space.

In order to speak this truth that most wants to be shared, we need to have the courage to fully meet whatever is arising in the moment – to become intimate with the moment – and then move from that place. It can be relatively easy (sometimes!) to drop into peace and stillness when in nature or on a retreat, but how do we continue to stay anchored in presence when we enter into relationship with each other? As one of my favorite teachers, Adyashanti, often says, “This is where the spiritual rubber really hits the road.”

In this salon we will be practice partners for each others, committing ourselves to doing our best to stay present with each other, allowing space for our humanness and messiness, and devoting ourselves to listening, speaking and moving from our own truth. Through steeping in this practice – over time, with gentleness and patience – our trust in ourselves and in truth grows, and we find ourselves moving from truth in our everyday lives with more ease and grace.

We’ll use a blend of silence, inquiry and open, unstructured dialogue (with communication guidelines) to support us in staying present, listening to our bodies, and taking the risk of sharing the truth that most wants to be seen in the moment. I hope you’ll come join us in diving deep into whatever the moment brings!

I offer “open” salons, in which people are welcome to join whenever the date works for them. I also offer “closed” salons. For the closed salons, a group of 8-12 participants commit to a series of 6 salons together. They meet every other Thursday evening over a span of 11 weeks. In this closed, committed container, particpants have a chance to dive even deeper into exploring their truth, to move past the edges that are keeping them stuck, and to practice listening to each other from a place of grounded presence, without needing to fix anything or anyone.

The price for the open salons is a sliding scale of $15-$20. The price for the 6-week series closed salon is $120. Participants are welcome to make-up one missed closed salon by attending an open salon free of charge.

Recommended reading: Adyashanti’s “Falling into Grace: Insights on the End of Suffering” and Susan Campbell’s “Getting Real: Ten Truth Skills You Need to Live an Authentic Life”

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need more information!