Upcoming Boundary Workshops

Boundary Coaching Circle


Description of Women’s Boundary Circle

Holding boundaries can be a radical and healing act. Because so many of us experienced constant boundary violations as children, and were actually taught – either overtly or unconsciously – to override our own signals that were letting us know something didn’t feel okay – it can take time and courage to learn how to trust ourselves again.

It can be so helpful to have support in this process. The Women’s Boundary Coaching Circle is a safe place where you can:

– Practice energetically and verbally holding boundaries, using your current “real-life” relationships and experiences

– Get coaching on moving through the fears and beliefs that block you from listening to your internal signals and standing for yourself

– Learn more about essential boundary concepts such as dealing with people who operate in “power-over” mode, relinquishing taking emotional responsibility for and doing free emotional labor for others

– Learn language to support you in holding boundaries with grace and strength

– Witness and learn from others moving through their fears and practicing boundary work

– Feel the support and encouragement of other women as you embark on this healing journey