In reference to a salon:

“I feel such gratitude for this group. We feel fear and yet dare ourselves to communicate honestly despite the fact our hearts might be pounding, because we have those salon phrases and the group’s goodwill. We sit with our discomfort and allow silence. Sometimes the silences are awkward, or charged, or serene. We expose raw places and hold each others’ vulnerability. We are able to feel and express anger (which feels so volatile and scary to me) with words that don’t destroy others.

I admire the hell out of each of us. For showing up. For tolerating anxiety and discomfort for the sake of authentic interaction. For the willingness to be messy and as well as compassionate. I am so grateful.”




“With Sofia’s guidance, I am learning to reach beyond my often confusing mind chatter and listen to a deeper wisdom. When I listen in this way, I have much more clarity and peace about the decisions that get made. I also feel less pressure to make things happen, and worry less about things going the “right” way. I’m learning to trust that life/truth is leading the way, and it’s my job to follow.”



Sofia’s soft, gentle, loving presence combined with her ability to clearly see Life’s movement through me on so many levels (spiritual, psychological, relational, etc) has helped me to heal and transform on a cellular level. I have experienced greater clarity in my life, a deeper sense and trust of how Truth moves in me, and a growing love and compassion for myself and others because of my time with Sofia. The wholeness with which she holds me and all Life is her essence, and I’m so thankful for Sofia! =



 “I feel so very touched and met, dear Sofia.  Your amazing presence and gifted guidance allowed me to unwind an old pattern of confusion that was standing in the way of both clarity and love.  I was able to clear this issue gently and completely with your support.  Today I feel clearer, happier and more able to live my life fully.”



 “The classes I came to are helping me in every day life now. I am able to communicate my truth and how I feel without fearing the person would not like it. I appreciate your turning me into a person that I really want to be.”