Private Sessions

Individual Coaching & Small Group Intimacy with Truth Sessions

In addition to salons and workshops, I offer one-on-one coaching sessions and small group (2-5 people) Intimacy with Truth sessions on a sliding scale.

You might feel called to this work if:

  • You have reached a place in your life where you are no longer willing to turn away from what’s true for you, no matter how uncomfortable and scary that may be
  • You sense something bigger moving things, an undercurrent of life, and feel called to move in more alignment with that flow
  • You recognize that time is precious and you don’t want to waste one more moment living in a way that is not fully alive and awake
  • You want to see through any beliefs or patterns that might be getting in the way of moving and speaking from love and truth
  • You want to communicate with others with more presence, vulnerability, realness, honesty and love – even if that sometimes means taking risks and speaking very difficult truths
  • You recognize that it can be helpful to have someone support you in this process, someone who can tenderly hold all of you – your divinity and your humanness – as you navigate this sometimes messy, but always precious and beautiful, journey of embodying what is true for you.

In the Intimacy with Truth work, I anchor our sessions in presence and from that place, guide you in meeting whatever arises, with unconditional love and clarity. One client told me that I work as a “truth-meter” for her, because from this place of stillness, I can sense immediately when she is speaking and moving aligned with her truth and when she is moving off her center.

I use a mixture of techniques (with emphasis on the client’s somatic experience) to support my clients in seeing through any illusions that are clouding their capacity to listen to and honor their deepest truth. In this process, clients begin to gain more trust in their own wisdom and in the natural unfolding of life. Without “trying” to make their day-to-day life better, they find that life becomes easier and more joyful, as they are more and more willing to listen to their own truth and be fully intimate with all of life.

For a free 30-minute sample session or to schedule a session, please email me at Sessions are done virtually.