Upcoming Retreats, Workshops & Truth Salons

Truth Salon over Zoom
When: Friday Jan 12th, 11:30am – 1pm
Cost: Sliding scale $10 – $20
Max Attendees: 12
Space if limited.  Please RSVP to
In-Person Truth Salon
When: Friday, Jan 26th, 11:30am – 1pm with community time and snack & drinks potluck afterwards
Where: Private home in Woodside, CA near highways 280/84
Max Attendees: 15
Cost: $20
RSVP by contacting Sofia at
Guiding Principles for Truth Group Work
* Honor and welcome all emotions. Emotions are one of the ways we connect to our inner knowing, our power, our intuition, they are gateways for important information and healing, they are part of the way Home, sometimes they aren’t even ours (i.e. we are holding other’s emotions)
* Hold ourselves and each other as whole. We – and our experiences – are not problems to be fixed.
* Welcome whatever arises. Nothing needs to be pushed away, when it is welcomed it can find its own way to unwind and move to the next natural place
* Do our best to stay in the present moment (verses going into story, our head, analysis or theory)
* Nurture a deep trust in the unfolding of each moment. Life is bringing what we need in each moment to return everything to Wholeness.
* No need to take emotional responsibility for anyone. Each person is whole. Each person is free to have their own experience. It is not up to us to know what their experience should be. Respect and trust their own wisdom, unfolding & trajectory.
With this trust in their own being and in Life, we don’t need to take emotional responsibility for anyone. Allowing people to be emotional responsible for themselves is a movement of Love. (This doesn’t mean that you don’t reach out with support, love & touch when you feel moved to, but it comes from a clean place within you.)
* Welcome being in Silence – welcome being in silence, taking time, letting the silence inform us.
* Allow for discomfort. We need to be able to hang out in discomfort in order to give things a chance to move and unfold without managing and controlling everything.
* Own our stuff; take responsibility for “our stuff”, do your best to speak from your heart and truth and stay on your side of the net.
* No advice or analyzing – this is to support each of us in staying with our present experience. Watch if a desire arises in you to give advice or analyze. Do you have discomfort or fear with what you are witnessing in the other or experiencing in yourself?

Experimental Workshops

Holding & Communicating Boundaries: An Experiential Workshop