Granny Goat


granny goat

Sometimes patience is totally appropriate and sometimes holding a firmer boundary is needed. The trick is listening to, trusting – and then responding – to your own inner signals and body wisdom in a timely manner.

I watched this granny goat at the farm the other day. The kid on her back is actually her grandbaby goat and she is VERY pregnant once again. Her grandkid kept repeatedly jumping on her back and happily stayed there – grandma being incredibly patient – until she shifted her body very slightly and the kid would fall off.

I was fascinated by the grandma’s gentle love & patience, and by how she would take care of herself when she felt “done”. She loves her grandbaby AND she loves herself. Both the patience AND the boundaries she held were a movement of love. With no story that it is selfish to take care of herself, she tends to all with ease and naturalness.