Leaving No Part of Us Behind on Christmas


This morning I woke up thinking about Christmas and thinking about Love. Thinking isn’t quite the right word – it was more a feeling/knowing/sensing type of thing.

When I was a little girl, most of the time I felt very lonely, but at Christmastime I could sense a shift in the people around me; hearts felt a bit more open, cracks seemed to appear in people’s defenses, letting in more light, and I began to see that Christmas was an invitation to allow Love to penetrate our lives, to penetrate our hearts and to restore all the parts of ourselves that we had made outcasts, even to our selves.

I saw Christmas as an invitation, an invitation to not just open our hearts to others, but to so completely open our hearts to ourselves, that no part of us – not even the “unworthy part”, the “shamed part”, the “bad part”, “the lonely part” – is left behind.

And this is what I woke up thinking about. smile emoticon

Wishing you a beautiful Christmas and that you may feel so tenderly held by this Love that your heart cracks wide open.