Truth Salons

The Intimacy with Truth salon is a space for you to practice speaking & listening from your deepest truth in the moment. I have found that there can be different levels of truth in the moment; sometimes we can speak honestly, but we don’t actually get to the deepest truth that is yearning to be spoken. This truth is not a conceptual idea. Instead, it is what wants to be expressed when we stop and allow ourselves to drop into […]

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About Sofia

Sofia has been coaching, facilitating and teaching groups in both the corporate and private sectors for over 20 years. She has a gift for making people feel at ease and safe, even amidst great conflict and uncertainty. In the safe space that she creates, she calls forth participants to take risks in practicing honest communication and meeting any difficulty with curiosity and compassion. Sofia is a certified Getting Real coach and a graduate of both the Coaches Institute Training program […]

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Intimacy with Truth

In the Intimacy with Truth work one of the biggest things we are working on is shifting our orientation. We are shifting our orientation from one that is run by fear, worry, mistrust of ourselves, our emotions, our bodies, etc. to one that is grounded in truth, stillness, aliveness (yes, stillness & aliveness go hand in hand!) and reality. This shift in orientation takes time. It takes patience, with ourselves and with each other. It is not for the faint […]

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